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Posted on June 18, 2015 by West Corporation 


Why Your Website Needs Responsive Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

In talking with practices about what they need in a practice website, the idea that always comes up is that it’s really more about what their patients need. After all, if the site doesn’t help patients get information and access to the practice, what is the point of the site, right?

Practices consistently say that their patients are using their mobile devices to visit their website. And that means that their site needs to be mobile-friendly. The below infographic from Rebuild Nation does a great job of summarizing the need for and advantages of responsive web design. And while this infographic speaks to consumers as a whole, the same trends apply in healthcare settings.

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80% of people look for healthcare information online before booking an appointment – a number that continues to grow year by year. Research also shows that 1 in 3 smartphone owners use their phone to look for health information.

Aside from the patient-driven benefits of responsive design, there’s also the recent Google announcement about how mobile friendliness will positively impact search results. Failing to prepare your site for this Google adjustment will certainly have negative consequences when it comes to attracting site traffic through search.

Is your site prepared to meet the needs of today’s mobile searchers? Maybe take a few minutes to try it out for yourself. If your site could use a mobile-friendly revamp, click HERE to learn how practices are taking advantage of new solutions to make mobile website accessibility both easy and cost-effective.

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