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Posted on April 7, 2014 by West Corporation 


Why Reputable SEO Companies Never Guarantee a Top Position

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There are many reasons why good SEO companies don’t guarantee first page search rankings and why untrustworthy companies do. While guaranteed rankings sounds great, the truth is that no reputable SEO provider will offer guaranteed positions. This is because quality SEO companies are run by people who know that it’s not possible for any company (or individual) to know for sure if a site will move into the top position…regardless of how much work the company or person puts forth in the attempt to reach that goal.

It’s common to run across ads online that state something along the lines of “We guarantee you the 1st page, 1st position on Google for your keywords”. Any SEO company advertising in this manner is one that should be avoided at all costs because it’s simply impossible to know if a website will land there. Unfortunately, a countless number of business owners have lost money and much more by being lured into paying for guaranteed SEO rankings.

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Here are a few reasons why reputable SEO firms don’t guarantee top rankings:

The Search Engines Warn Against It
Google clearly states on one of its support pages that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”. This means that no company other than Google itself has control of where a website places in their search engine. The search giant even takes it a step further to warn buyers against any SEO companies that claim to guarantee rankings.

It’s Bad Business to Guarantee the Impossible

Any SEO company with a history of being on the ‘up and up’ knows that it’s unprofessional, misleading and deceptive to guarantee that their clients’ sites will rank high. What a top SEO provider will do instead is guarantee that a great effort will be put forth for its clients to improve their rankings over time. It will also state that its goal is to increase its clients’ sales and not just rankings and traffic alone.

There Are Too Many Uncontrollable Factors That Effect Rankings
Because search engines are continually making changes to their algorithms, there are simply too many factors that are out of any SEO company’s control. An abrupt change in a search engine algorithm can cause a site that’s ranking high one day to all but disappear from the top results the day after. Factors that can prevent a site from achieving top rankings includes having too little content, a lack of quality backlinks, improper keyword placement and many, many more as Google alone uses about 200 ranking factors in its algorithm.

In summary, a reputable SEO company will never guarantee you a top position in search engine results. Instead, it will promise to improve your rankings by making positive changes to your website.

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