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Posted on July 8, 2013 by West Corporation 


Why Duplicate Content is Bad for SEO

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Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post published by permission of its author.

In the world of SEO, duplicate content is a much-discussed topic. The search engines take many factors into consideration when determining what makes a website a “good” website, including the quality of its content. The content on your site includes the images you use, videos and most importantly, the text. Whenever a search engine is scanning your website, it is looking for keywords that describe what the subject of your site is about and more specifically, the subject of the page it’s scanning.

Considering that there are a countless number of articles online, it’s inevitable that you may have some sentences on your page that are very similar to those in other articles found on the internet. However, that is not what’s important when it comes to duplication on the web. Duplicate content occurs when large portions of articles exist exactly the same way in documents in different domains.

You must have links pointing to your content in order for your SEO efforts to pay off. However, when you have two or more pieces of content which are identical, it confuses the search engines that are crawling your site because they have a hard time deciding which page is the most relevant for a search query. Google will never display two identical pieces of content in the search engine results pages or SERPs. Why? Because Google doesn’t want the searcher to see the same content twice. Additionally, Google doesn’t want the internet to be filled with copies of the same information repeated across numerous sites. This is why Google and the other search engines filter the pages and reward those which are indexed first.

These days, Google has become much more sophisticated when ranking sites. It now uses a special “footprint” system that puts more importance on unique content that appears first on its index. This system is embraced by website owners who work hard to write relevant, fresh, quality content as it helps these websites stand apart from those sites which copy and paste their content.

Another reason to be concerned about using duplicate content is that Google and the other main search engines can penalize your site for not using fresh content. Unfortunately, it’s very common today (still) for website owners to use unethical methods in an attempt to rank their sites well. These unscrupulous people who are referred to as “spammers” create hundreds of bogus web pages. These pages feature almost all the same content that’s only been edited slightly to look like different pages with their desired keywords embedded in them to gain links back to their site. This method is considered to be very deceiving by the search engines, and if it’s detected, the site’s domain can be banned. This is why the most reputable and successful website owners strive to put only unique content on their web pages that offers value to the searcher and the search engine spiders that crawl the web.

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