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Posted on September 25, 2013 by West Corporation 


What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Smoking? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over the years, we’ve seen some extremely powerful messages that illustrate the negative effects of a continued smoking habit. We all know smoking is detrimental to smokers’ personal health as well as the friends, family and colleagues that spend time around smokers as they light up.

What HASN’T been seen too often is messaging that reinforces the many positives of quitting a smoking habit. It’s an approach that stays away from fear tactics, letting the positive benefits of quitting take center stage. This infographic from The Huffington Post UK shows a timeline of improved health, starting at the very moment a smoker decides to kick the habit.

Do you tend to focus on the positives in wellness messaging? Or do you get better response building in some scary statistics and statements as well?

smoking infographic

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