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Posted on September 23, 2014 by West Corporation 


Updated Numbers on Flu Vaccinations

flu vaccination numbers

Last week, we shared an Blog post with an infographic to help you communicate with patients on the basics of the flu vaccination.

A September 18 USA Today article offers new insight on the numbers and ages of Americans who have taken steps to get vaccinated. The CDC reports that only 46% of Americans received the flu vaccine last year, with the following breakdown:

  • 34% of adults ages 18 to 64
  • 50% of pregnant women
  • 55% of children ages 5 to 17
  • 65% of those age 65 and over
  • 70% of kids under age 5
  • 90% of doctors and nurses

The CDC also released information stating that 90% of children who died from the flu were unvaccinated.

For the first time, the CDC suggests that children ages 2 to 8 receive a live intranasal flu vaccine, instead of the traditional shot, because of evidence that it’s more effective for those ages. In another new recommendation, the CDC is calling for senior citizens to get a second type of vaccine against pneumococcus, a bacteria that can cause pneumonia and that hospitalizes about 50,000 Americans a year.

Are you offering flu vaccinations to your patients? Are you confident that they know the facts about flu prevention? Click HERE to learn more about flu vaccine campaigns and other preventive messaging ideas!

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