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Posted on October 7, 2015 by West Corporation 


Two Stats That Support Email as an Engagement Opportunity

email patient engagement opportunity

Is email dead? Not even close.

That notion has been tossed around in certain circles, but can be proven to be wrong through two compelling statistics – figures that not only illustrate the viability of email as a patient communication channel, but also as a nearly-immediate channel.

Here we go.

Stat #1: 57% of total email opens happen on a mobile device or tablet.

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Wow. That comes from an Experian email benchmarking report from Q1 2015 that looks at email opens and clicks in the category of “consumer products and services”. While many of us have noticed the growth of mobile email usage on a personal level and among our family and friends, did you think the percentage being viewed on these devices would be quite that high? The continued shift toward mobile email interaction is a perfect complement to this other statistic…

Stat #2: Mobile users swipe their screens to unlock their phones an average of 110 times per day.

That figure comes from a Locket analysis of over 150,000 users. Assuming they sleep eight hours per night (a dream for some of us), the average mobile user unlocks their phone between 6-7 times per hour while they’re awake. 

How does that turn email into an opportunity to connect and engage with your patients? Well, for one thing, it means that email is less likely to be a thing we check only once or twice per day. Since more of us are using our smartphones for email, and we’re interacting with those smartphones more frequently, it stands to reason that we’re checking our email much more than before. There are more opportunities to capture patients’ attention with email.

More frequent email checking also means that when trying to capture that attention, you’re less likely to be one of a large crowd waiting in the patient’s inbox. Because instead of logging in and seeing 30 unread emails, now there may be only two or three. Or if you’re lucky, just that email from you.

Have you embraced email as a way to effectively communicate with your patients? Increased smartphone usage and frequency suggests that the opportunity to engage through email is at an all-time high!

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