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Posted on October 25, 2013 by West Corporation 


The Lighter Side of Seasonal Observances

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Ladies and gentlemen, today is World Pasta Day! Have you planned your daily menu accordingly?

While highly-visible national health observances such as October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November’s American Diabetes Month have had an immeasurable positive impact on our nation’s overall health and individual wellness, there are countless observances that haven’t generated quite the same buzz.

With all due respect to the serious and well-known health observances that successfully generate awareness and drive positive patient behaviors, today we pay tribute to the lighter side of seasonal observances. Some are good ideas. Some are terrible ideas. And in a way, some are kinda both. you can be the judge of that.

Consider this sampling of observances planned for the month of November:

  • Marooned Without a Compass Day (11/6) – Pretty sure this is supposed to be taken figuratively as a day to make sure you have a sense of direction in life. We can’t imagine anyone would want you to go get lost in the middle of nowhere. Would they?? Then again, November 6 is a Wednesday, so it might be a fun way to blow off the rest of your work week.
  • Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (11/15) – Also known as “Guess What’s In This Jar Day” and “In-Home Archaeology Day”. We’ve never heard of this holiday before, but the world would be a much safer place if we’d all commit to observing it.
  • Absurdity Day (11/20) – A day dedicated to absurdity? That’s absurd! But count us in. Some light Googling has uncovered that Absurdity Day is a time to “let go of reason and celebrate nonsense”. To which we say, “Is it cool if we already did that yesterday?”
  • National Cashew Day (11/23) – You’d be nuts to pass on celebrating this holiday – ba-dum-chhh. Did you know that cashew seeds can be ground into powders and used as antivenom for snake bites? These are the kinds of things we should be celebrating!!

And now a serious question that ties in to your patient communication strategy…

How many of you are having fun with these lesser-known observances and using them as reasons to engage with your patients? There’s a lot to be said for keeping some levity in your patient contacts when appropriate. Adding shout-outs to these quirky observances is a great way to add timely social media posts and create opportunities to interact with your patients.

What off-the-beaten-path holidays or monthly observances have you shared with your patients over the years?

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