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Posted on May 7, 2014 by West Corporation 


The Importance of Responsive Website Design

responsive website design

TeleVox is now offering responsive web design to help its clients optimize their websites for phones, tablets and computers. You can read more about TeleVox’s new website design services HERE. If you depend upon your website to stay in business and you have a great deal of competitors as most businesses do, it’s important that you have a responsive website design that optimizes your site for all of your visitors – regardless of what type of device they happen to be using.

Mobile Websites 101 Infographic Free Download

What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is easy to understand as it’s simply a website design that seamlessly adjusts to fit on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers. If you’ve ever tried viewing a website on your mobile device and only saw a miniaturized version of the site that forced you adjust the website by enlarging or shrinking it in order to read the content and click on links, that website definitely did not feature a responsive design.

When you have to fidget and fuss with a website while viewing it on a tablet or smartphone, the chances are good that you will quickly decide all the effort is simply not worth the trouble. This is why it’s very important that your business website does feature a responsive design. A responsive website will look great regardless of if it’s viewed on a phone, tablet or a desktop.

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the web, the urgency to switch to a responsive design has never been more apparent than now. If you are still not providing your site visitors with a mobile-friendly experience, you can bet that most of them will leave your site and visit the websites of your direct competitors who are offering mobile-friendly experiences to their visitors.

Mobile Internet Usage Surpassing Desktop Internet Usage
During 2014, the number of mobile devices is predicted to exceed the number of desktop computers, according to research from Morgan Stanley. This means that in order for businesses to stay current, they should adapt their marketing strategy to accommodate the growing number of users accessing their sites from mobile devices.

A study from Google reported that when asked, the majority of internet users said that they’d move to another website if they didn’t quickly find what they were looking for on a mobile site. What this indicates is that without a mobile-friendly site, you’ll essentially be encouraging your visitors to leave your site and visit the site of your competitors. And that’s the last thing any business owner with a web presence wants to happen.

Responsive Web Design Goes Deeper Than Racking Up Sales
Having a responsive website design is about more than just making more sales as it’s now considered a critical aspect of building a strong brand and developing positive, long-lasting customer relationships. Having a responsive web design is also far easier to manage from an SEO perspective as you won’t have to run two separate SEO campaigns – one for desktop users and one for mobile users. However, there are still benefits to having a mobile-specific SEO strategy. For instance, optimizing your mobile site for keywords that are most likely to be searched by someone using a tablet or smartphone is wise. For example, if someone is performing a mobile search for a local dentist, they will be more inclined to use the word “nearby” in their search query. It is not necessary to have a separate mobile website as mobile-specific keywords can easily be included in a responsive design.

In a nutshell, responsive web design is all about putting together a website so that it’s usable and aesthetically-pleasing, regardless of what type of device is used to view the site. A responsive site adapts and responds to your users to make your visitors feel more welcomed and secure while choosing the products and services you offer.

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