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Posted on March 26, 2014 by West Corporation 


The Good News About Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s blog post is a great example of a “glass half-full” approach to wellness. In this new infographic, Erich Scholl (via and Daily Infographic) puts a positive spin on cancer by reminding us that it’s preventable in most cases.

It encourages us to talk more about prevention and how the seemingly unimportant decisions we’re making on a daily basis can impact our risk of developing cancer down the road. For example, are you not excited about the need for daily exercise? Here we’re reminded that 30 minutes a day is really only 2% of your week.

Whether it’s in one-on-one discussions or larger-scale communications to your patients, are you sharing a “glass half-full” message when it comes to patients and prevention?

cancer good news infographic

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