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Posted on January 25, 2018 by West Corporation 


The Flu Epidemic & How You Can Educate Patients

A dozen states have closed down schools as a result of the most recent flu epidemic. This flu season, which has included the influenza A and H3N2 strains, is now considered to be widespread in 49 states.¹ Now is a great time for healthcare providers to take an active role in promoting preventive care by educating patients about why the virus is much worse than last year and how people who live in close quarters especially might want to consider getting the flu vaccine.

Meantime, here is some great information you can use from Ragan’s Healthcare Communication News² to help communicate the seriousness of the flu virus this season.



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Appointment reminder communications are a great way to encourage wellness and preventive care appointments. This personalized communication encourages patients to be active participants in their care. On-hold messaging is also a great way to educate and inform patients.


¹ Newsweek, Flu Epidemic Has Closed Schools In At Least 12 States, and Administrators Say That’s Not Normal, January 24, 2018

² Ragan’s Healthcare Communication News, Infographic: The flu and you, January 25, 2018

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