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Posted on August 6, 2015 by West Corporation 


The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Negative Reviews

handling negative reviews

No one enjoys reading negative reviews about their business. You’ve worked hard to build your business into what it is today, and a negative review can often feel like a personal stab at your business reputation. How you handle negative reviews posted online will reflect on how you deal with everyday conflicts you face as a business owner. When you handle negative comments with professionalism, you will be showing the world that you are adaptable and that there is a human behind the scenes of your business.

If you’re currently dealing with negative reviews, please don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. Instead, pull yourself together and follow these basic do’s and don’ts regarding how to deal with those negative comments that unhappy patients have left about your business.

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Don’t Ignore a Patient’s Negative Comments

Just as you wouldn’t ignore an unhappy patient who was standing right before you, you shouldn’t ignore a negative review left by an unhappy patient. Refusing to respond privately or publicly to a negative review can be detrimental to the reputation of your business.

Do Respond to Negative Feedback

You should behave online just as you would in your own physical location. Instead of ignoring the negative comments left by someone, try to respond in a positive way. See if you can find an easy solution to the problem like offering the person a free service or a phone call to simply discuss how you can improve. This will help satisfy the upset patient and show others that you care about how your patients think and feel. BONUS: If the patient is very pleased, they now have an opportunity to remove their negative review!

Don’t Get Defensive

The last thing you want to do when responding to a negative review is to shoot back at the commenter in a rude/aggressive manner. Remember that everyone knows there are two sides to every story. Maybe the patient who left the review has a few valid reasons why he/she feels the way they do. Perhaps he or she is simply being unreasonable. Either way, it won’t help if you respond rudely, so bite your tongue and look for a solution to the issue at hand.

Do Engage in a Dialogue

Instead of becoming angry and responding defensively, think about what you can learn from the negative comment. Engage yourself in a dialogue and work toward finding a resolution that helps solve the problem. Others reading your response will see that you care about what your patients have to say.

Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire

It is easy to become upset when reading negative feedback about your business and more so if you feel the person leaving the negative review is being rude, dishonest, or slanderous. But if you allow your emotions to take over, things can become much worse.

Do Stay Calm, Cool and Collected

Instead of allowing your emotions to take over, take a day or two to collect your thoughts and respond once you feel you are ready to engage in a positive dialogue. Regardless of what a patient may have to say or how frustrated they appear to be, always stay calm, cool and collected. Remember that you’re a professional who has just as much at stake as the person who left the negative feedback.

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