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Posted on December 4, 2018 by West Corporation 


The Disease Management Communication that Patients Expect

Managing a chronic health condition like diabetes or hypertension takes consistent effort. The most effective chronic disease management happens when patients and providers put daily effort into health maintenance. It is not enough to only discuss disease management during office visits. Instead, there should be regular communication on what patients need to do to keep their chronic conditions in check, what symptoms they need to watch for and how to use medication properly to manage their conditions.

The following stats from West surveys provide a closer look at what chronic patients expect of their providers when it comes to disease management communications:

  • A majority of patients with chronic conditions feel strongly that providers should reach out to patients between visits to help them manage their chronic disease and follow their treatment plan. Patients with these diseases agree with this:

71%—Congestive heart failure





  • Chronic patients wish providers would make recommendations for them based on information that is specific to them and their individual needs. This is a top communication priority for patients with these chronic conditions:

89%—Congestive heart failure





  • Seventy-eight percent of Americans with a chronic condition say it’s extremely or very important for their healthcare provider to make sure they know and understand what their health metric numbers (e.g., ideal weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, level of daily activity) are and should be. Patients with these specific diseases agree:

89%—Congestive heart failure





  • Sixty-four percent of chronic patients want healthcare providers to support medication adherence by sending them reminders when it is time to refill a prescription or their medication needs to be picked up. This is extremely or very important to patients with chronic conditions:



60%—Congestive heart failure



  • Fifty-two percent of patients with chronic conditions wish healthcare providers would provide online surveys or check-ins to monitor their health between appointments. Chronic patients say this is extremely or very important:

63%—Congestive heart failure





Thirty-two percent of Americans with a chronic condition say the healthcare professionals they currently visit do a fair or poor job supporting them with chronic disease management between visits. Another 18 percent say their healthcare professionals do not offer this type of supportive communication at all.

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For more information on how healthcare teams can easily elevate their disease management communications, download 10 Ways to Fulfill Patients’ Communication Wish List. We also recommend you read these three opportunities providers have to deliver the communications patients want regarding routine care and prevention.

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