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Posted on December 17, 2015 by West Corporation 


The Best of the Blog 2015: Online Marketing

Best of the Blog 2015

Through thousands of social shares and even more pageviews, Blog readers (that’s you guys) told us what blog posts you found to be most compelling, informative and downright entertaining in 2015.

Here are several of the year’s most popular and highly sharable insights regarding online marketing, including social media, the ever-changing world of SEO and your practice’s website:

7 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

This post is a wonderful opportunity to stay a step ahead and learn what NOT to do before, you know, actually doing it. Tagging too much, being a copycat and other social media no-no’s are covered here. (We’ve also recently created a whitepaper on social media success that you may find useful.)

Your Patients and Social Media Usage

This post included data from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life project on how Americans are

Free Whitepaper: Website Analytics in Action

interacting with various social networks. It’s a great resource to look to for answers on questions such as “Are my patients using multiple social media networks?”, “Does the Pinterest user base skew more female?”, and “Do I need to increase posting frequency to improve visibility?” (SPOILER ALERT: The answers are yes, yes and yes.)

5 SEO and Online Marketing Buzzwords We LOVE

Online marketing lingo can feel pretty confusing, so this was one in a series of posts written to pull back the curtain on the technical language and simply explain the importance of these buzzwords when building your practice’s brand online. This February edition included straightforward explanations of Link Building, Inbound Marketing, Duplicate Content, NAP Consistency and Site Referrals. (Want some bonus links? Sure you do. Other posts in the buzzwords series can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.)

Now’s the Time to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

There was a TON of buzz about this in 2015, and this Google announcement has raised the bar for practice website usability moving forward. In a nutshell, we learned that since patients are increasingly using their mobile devices for web browsing, sites that are considered to be mobile-friendly will have an edge when it comes to search rankings. (Check out our “Mobile Websites 101: The Basics of Mobile Design” infographic to learn more.)

Want to share these posts with some colleagues? Simply need a refresher on some of these topics? Click, read and share to your heart’s content. We’ll be back with plenty more in 2016!

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