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Posted on December 21, 2015 by West Corporation 


The Best of the Blog 2015: A/R and Collections

Best of the Blog 2015

Several days ago, we shared some of 2015’s most popular TeleVox Solutions blog posts on the topic of online marketing. If you haven’t checked that post right here, it’s certainly worth your click.

In this post, we’re excited to share insights on the topic of A/R and collections efforts. What have we learned about how, why and when patients make payments on their past due balances?

Patient Payment Insights from the 2014 Billing Household Survey

Fiserv released their annual Billing Household Survey, and it was loaded with interesting facts on how consumers pay

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their bills. 77% of customers say that a bill pay due reminder would enhance customer satisfaction. There’s also some great data on how different generation groups prefer to be reminded of their outstanding balances. Lots of nuggets you should consider in your A/R strategies.

The Message Matters: Eight Essentials for Scripting A/R Outreach

Brief messages, multiple calls to action, clear consequences – these are all essential elements of best practice A/R outreach scripting. Check out the post for other must-haves to begin improving collection rates from your past due accounts.

Balancing Automated and Manual Efforts to Drive Patient Payments

This post from TeleVox’s VP of Product Management Chuck Hayes offers his take on how teams should focus their manual efforts in driving patient payments. It’s also an interesting look on how to maximize those teams’ unique skill sets in working with accounts. There’s a lot to be gained from blending both automated and manual outreach efforts.

Does Automated Outreach Lead to Faster Account Resolution?

Speaking of automated outreach, this post shared survey data that reflected on the question “Does automated outreach lead to faster account resolution?” The survey found that organizations that automate follow-up outreach to past due accounts have a lower percentage of accounts more than 60 days past due. Read the post for more details!

Want to share these posts with some colleagues? Simply need a refresher on some of these ideas? Click, read and share to your heart’s content. We’ll be back with plenty more in 2016!

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