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Posted on November 7, 2012 by West Corporation 


The ABCs of Patient Notifications – Letter I

This is Part 9 of a series of blog posts where we’ll offer ideas for improving patient notifications strategies one letter at a time. They’ll be available as an eBook soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

I – interactivity

In the past, interactivity was always mentioned by providers as one of the main reasons they liked to have staff members pick up the phone and call each patients. Because for routine communications, the patient could immediately respond if needed. During an appointment reminder call, the patient could tell a staff member if that planned time still worked for them or if they needed to reschedule. For a past due balance call, they could discuss options on how the patient could make a payment. Interactivity – quick, easy and convenient, right?

These days, automated notifications are offering that same benefit to practices and their patients…and they’re even taking it a step further. Send an automated past due balance call to a patient, and they can press a button to transfer and make a payment, or they can choose another key to speak with the staff. Email an appointment reminder to a patient, and they can go beyond simple conversation with the staff. Now they can access a map to the office, add the appointment to their electronic calendar and more! Your staff may have never texted messages to patients before, but automated solutions can, and your patients can interact with those texts as well. Their YES/NO replies can let you know they’ve confirmed an appointment or need to be rescheduled. And you didn’t even have to call them to find out!

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