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Posted on February 18, 2013 by West Corporation 


The ABCs of Patient Notification – Letter O

The following is an excerpt from our eBook “The ABCs of Patient Notification”, which you can download for free RIGHT HERE. Tons of great ideas to improve your patient communication efforts!

O – outstanding balances

Unfortunately, the need for increased outreach to patients about outstanding balances has exploded in recent years. Self-pay balances are up 7-10% on average. There are over 50 million uninsured Americans. And it’s been reported that healthcare costs as a percentage of personal consumption are as much as 16%!

But there is a bright side. Technology has made it far easier for you to connect with patients about those account balances, and it’s made it much more convenient for patients to make their payment. Automated phone notifications can be delivered in the evening, when patients are most likely to answer. They can then press a button to transfer and make their payment. Super convenient. If you’d prefer that they visit your online portal to pay, the message can list that URL.

Automating notifications to patients allows you to cut down on the number of statements that are mailed to patients. HBMA has estimated the costs of each statement to be as high as $10. 40-50 automated notifications can be delivered for that same cost, with FAR better results. Healthcare organizations who have automated these notifications are seeing 15-25% response to the live-answered calls.

There are tons of options available around the timing of notifications, scripting of messages, etc. But no need to worry – leading vendors can give you guidance there.

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