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Posted on January 9, 2013 by West Corporation 


The ABCs of Patient Notification – Letter M

The following is an excerpt from our eBook “The ABCs of Patient Notification”, which you can download for free RIGHT HERE. Enjoy!

M – mailings

It’s getting more and more difficult for practices to justify mailers as the sole activity for routine patient notifications. If you’re mailing appointment reminders, wellness messages and other notifications to patients today, you’re no doubt seeing these challenges. And if you’ve considered adding mailing to your outreach, consider this a free warning:

Costs will continue to rise. Postal rates have risen nine times since 2000, and as the USPS works to overcome high fuel costs and lower mailing volume from consumers, there’s no reason to think the increases have ended.

Mail is increasingly undeliverable. The National Change of Address registry now processes 40 million address changes annually in the United States – the highest volume ever. Much of that mail will bounce back to your organization, and the mail that does get forwarded to a new address is probably too late to achieve your communication goal.

Other communication vehicles have a more lasting impact. In a recent TeleVox survey of patients who received a postcard and a phone call encouraging them to get a flu shot, phone messages were recalled at a 25% higher rate than postcards.

Higher costs, lower connection rates and smaller impact. It’s not looking good for mailers as a viable stand-alone method for staying in touch with patients.

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