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Posted on December 10, 2012 by West Corporation 


The ABCs of Patient Notification – Letter K

The following is an excerpt from our eBook “The ABCs of Patient Notification”, which you can download for free RIGHT HERE. Enjoy!

K – KPIs

KPI. Key Performance Indicator. Fancy term that really just means a measurement of what’s important. Wikipedia (this guy appears to be the expert on a LOT of subjects) says that KPIs are typically used by an organization “to evaluate the success of a particular activity in which it’s engaged”.

KPIs definitely have a role in your patient notification strategy.

Practices typically use a combination of these measurements to determine areas for improvement in how they’re connecting with patients:

  • Connection Rates – Of the patients we’re trying to contact, how many are we actually reaching with live phone calls? How many attempts are hitting answering machines? If we’re mailing, how much returned mail are we seeing due to bad addresses?
  • Cost – What financial resources are being dedicated to contacting patients? If staff is involved, how does the time they dedicate to patient notifications translate to dollar figures?
  • No-Shows – If we’re communicating with patients about upcoming appointments, is it working?

You can develop KPIs for virtually any patient notifications you employ – response rate to past due balance calls, booking rates from wellness campaigns, etc.

Establishing KPIs before making shifts in your patient notification strategy can help you pinpoint which adjustments are working and which ones need further improvement.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Seth Goddard

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