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The Official Blog for TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on March 7, 2016 by West Corporation 


TeleVox Is Now West

We are pleased to announce that TeleVox is officially adopting the name of its parent company, West Corporation. TeleVox has been an affiliate of West since its acquisition in 2007 and will now operate under the West brand as TeleVox Solutions for the healthcare market. TeleVox made the announcement and launched a newly-branded website today. TeleVox’s transition to West will continue in stages throughout 2016.

This shift gives us an opportunity to share the story of West’s cross-vertical capabilities and the added value we’ll be equipped to provide healthcare organizations. West will be able to take TeleVox Solutions for appointment reminders and patient engagement to the next level, continuing to deliver on the capabilities and reliability they are known for – and then some. On a broader scale, the change enables more power for West to develop new solutions for some of the most challenging areas in healthcare, such as patient access, routine care management, transition care management, and chronic care management.

You will be able to find information about TeleVox Solutions at Be sure to subscribe to this blog – the official one for TeleVox Solutions. For more information on how West is changing healthcare, check out

TeleVox is thrilled to be known as West from now on, and we thank you for your support as we embrace our new West identity.

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