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Posted on November 12, 2012 by West Corporation 


TeleVox Breakstalker – What T.LINK EC Users Must Know!

The TeleVox Breakstalker is RELENTLESS!! Can’t a man enjoy a cup of coffee without getting hounded with a bunch of questions?!? Apparently not.

This time, the Breakstalker has tracked down Kenny, one of our outstanding Implementation Specialists, for information our T.LINK EC clients need to know. Kenny has just returned from the ADA Annual Session in San Francisco, where he chatted with numerous practices about further improving their patient communication with T.LINK EC.

What did they chat about, you ask? First, the T.LINK EC mobile app. Practice staff can access appointment schedules, review appointment history and more right from their phone. Super convenient. Another hot topic was appointment confirmations via text messages. Lots of older T.LINK EC clients are just now realizing the great opportunity available to them by texting their patients, and they’re eager to get started!

Wanna learn more about these T.LINK EC topics? Have any other pressing questions we can answer? Do you simply just want to call us up and get the full “Kenny experience”?? We don’t blame you. He is pretty great.

Call 800-644-4266 or email today! If you’ve got more questions for the TeleVox Breakstalker to get answered, submit those to She would LOVE to help you out!

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