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The Official Blog for TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on July 19, 2013 by West Corporation 


TeleVox Breakstalker – The 4-1-1 on T.LINK EC

Naturally, when a TeleVox Product Manager gets back from a big industry conference, the first thing he needs is a visit from the TeleVox Breakstalker. No time for responding to emails or returning calls – just give us the scoop!

Fresh off a trip to the AAO meeting in Philadelphia, Product Manager James Hamilton shares great info on the T.LINK mobile app (free for T.LINK customers BTW) and sending follow-up emails to your patients. James also makes an offer you can’t refuse on free training opportunities – only 15-20 minutes required, and we can schedule whenever it’s convenient for you! Not bad, Mr. Hamilton.

As always, feel free to submit your questions to The TeleVox Breakstalker will be happy to track down some answers!

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