Multichannel Communication

Multichannel Communication

Comprehensive communication through a single source. That phrase carries a lot of weight with healthcare organizations who are challenged with the confusion and high cost of managing care-related outreach through multiple vendors.

It’s true – many organizations know Intrado for automated phone calls. But we offer much more than that to increase connection rates with patients and members, including emails, text messages and mailed outreach. The success comes from reaching people the way they want to be reached.

Once we connect with an individual, we then make it easy for them to take action. They can click a mouse, press their phone keypad and more to schedule a screening, participate in a survey or otherwise show you they’re engaged in their care.

Learn how Intrado meets data integration needs while maintaining an unmatched commitment to information security.


Vanderbilt Medical Center increased appointment confirmation rates by offering phone and text message options to patients.

Confirmation Rate

Before & After Patient Preference

Phone - Before
Phone - After
Text - After

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