Data Integration

Data Integration

We know the power of multichannel communications in provider-patient interaction. But getting the data from point A to point B has been a challenge for many communication vendors.

Intrado’s commitment to technology development and improvement ensures that you’re implementing the right solutions for the long-term. You’re guaranteed to achieve five things:

  1. Deliver comprehensive patient communication solutions to meet the needs of many departments, from patient access and scheduling to A/R-focused call center teams.
  2. Establish more reliable methods of staying connected with patients. You’ll save staff time and labor while ensuring communication happens as planned.
  3. Keep your organization at the forefront of functionality in patient communication, whether that’s two-way text messaging, phone IVR or whatever comes next.
  4. Experience tighter and easier-to-use integrations with your systems to satisfy reporting requests, create actionable communication results and more. Since data is automatically pulled and placed back into your PMS/EMR, you’ll simplify workflows by trusting Intrado technology to do the work.
  5. Create a secure exchange of data between systems. The protection of your patient data leaves no room for error, and Intrado is fully committed to information security.

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