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Posted on December 7, 2017 by West Corporation 


Supporting Chronic Patients When and Where They Want

Chronic disease management is complicated—and it’s clear that patients need to have a better understanding of how to manage their chronic condition. According to a recent West report, at least 70 percent of patients with a chronic condition would like more resources or clarity on how to manage their disease. Additionally, 91 percent of chronic patients say they need help managing their disease, and one in five patients feel they need 24-hour disease management assistance.

Providers can help patients do a better job by supporting them not just during office visits, but also at home and outside the clinical setting—where 39 percent of patients say they need the most help.

Monitoring patients at home

Remotely monitoring patient health with regular check-ins is also extremely effective in getting patients to follow treatment plans, such as taking medications as prescribed or sticking to a diet plan. Three out of four chronic patients want their healthcare provider to touch base regularly between office visits so they can be alerted if anything looks off.

To maximize efficiency, providers can automate check-ins with surveys delivered via phone or email. These automated surveys are fast, cost-effective and simple for providers to administer, and the insights they give into a patient’s state of health can be lifesaving. Benefits to patients and providers include:

  • Allowing patients to share information about their current health status in real-time
  • Giving providers a tool to consistently monitor patients
  • Proactively alerting providers to patients who may be at risk
  • Prompting intervention before patients reach the point of needing acute careUsing remote monitoring surveys allows healthcare teams to gather important data and avoid patient complications and potential readmissions. Find out more about how to give your patients the support they need by using your appointment reminder system. 

Read the full report here: Strengthening Chronic Care: Patient Engagement Strategies for Better Management of Chronic Conditions.

Though currently underutilized by providers, patient surveys are often included as part of providers’ existing appointment reminder technology and can easily be used to automate regular follow-up communications. By working together to proactively monitor and more effectively manage chronic conditions, both physicians and their patients can achieve better outcomes.

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