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ROI Support

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How-to Tutorials

How do I enter my own figures?

Click the “Use your own figures” link.

Return On Investment Overview

Do I have to save any new figures entered?

Yes, anytime a change is made on the “Use your own figures” screen, you must hit save to proceed.

Enter Your Figures and hit Save

How do I load defaults if I want to reset my ROI to the original values?

It is not necessary to load the defaults in order to make changes. To change figures, click “Use your own figures.” You can make your changes and click “Save Figures.” If you want to return to the original values, please click “Load Defaults.”

Enter Your Figures and hit Load Defaults

If I’m in the HouseCalls system, how can I get to the ROI Dashboard without returning to the homepage.

There are two ways to access the Dashboard while in the HouseCalls system. You may click on “Dashboard” on the menu bar while in other parts of the site. If you choose to go back to the homepage, you can also click the Dashboard icon.

Dashboard Login

Frequently Asked Questions

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