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Posted on April 28, 2014 by West Corporation 


Stress in the South

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NOTE: The following is an excerpt from TeleVox’s Healthy World report, “A Stressed Nation: Americans Search for a Healthy Balance”, which highlights the negative impact that stress is having on the health of Americans. Download it HERE!

The South is a region where Americans make their living using the resources around them. Think of the Deep South, and there are fishermen casting their nets, hoping to bring in enough of a catch to provide for their families. Move a little north and oil fields litter the red-dirt of Texas. Throughout the region, stress can be caused in a variety of ways, during a variety of seasons and activities.

No matter what situation Southerners find themselves in, however, it is hard to find someone that isn’t affected by stress. According to the American Psychological Association, many Southerners believe that stress has a strong or very strong impact on a person’s health (89 percent). Additionally, as reported by A Stressed Nation: Americans Search for a Healthy Balance, Southerners are tied with the West for second (behind the Midwest), with 43 percent of Southerners wanting to learn how stress affects other aspects of their life in order to better manage their overall health and lifestyle.

Turning to Providers For Help
A great way to do this is to talk with healthcare providers. According to A Stressed Nation, Southerners led all regions, with 63 percent of the region interested in and/or happy to receive communications from their doctor with tips on how to manage stress. Unfortunately, just 34 percent of Southerners have taken the step of discussing the negative impact of stress on their health with their doctor.

Stress in Everyday Life
But taking this step has to be a priority – especially when you consider that A Stressed Nation reported that 67 percent of Southerners said they felt stressed during a typical workday, and 52 percent of the region reported feeling stressed during everyday life. Work stressors in this region are easy to carry over to home life, as there is a large portion of Southerners that overlap the two with family farms and businesses. Because of this fact, the APA reported that those living in the South are more likely than residents of other regions to let their emotions interfere with daily activities, thus creating more stress.

Stress Management is Possible
But the region does understand that managing their stress can be accomplished with the help of healthcare providers. The APA noted that Southerners led all regions with 42 percent reporting that they manage stress by expressing their feelings, and 58 percent of the region focuses on positive things when feeling stressed. These are both things that healthcare providers suggest to be proven management techniques.

Additionally, exercising is a key technique that healthcare providers prescribe to manage stress. And while 43 percent of Southerners say they are too tired to exercise, 58 percent of the region reported in A Stressed Nation that their healthcare professional suggested exercise as a way to control their stress level. Communication between office visits – and encouraging better follow-through – can help patients see the benefits of these management techniques and a healthier lifestyle.

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