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Posted on February 20, 2013 by West Corporation 


Snail Mail Just Got “Snailier”

Are you still regularly mailing your patients for any reason? Sending them appointment reminders, wellness messages or balance due statements? Hopefully, you’re not having to send multiple balance due statements. HBMA estimates the cost of one of those statements to be more than $10 each!

Regardless of why you’re mailing your patients, it’s going to take those communications a little longer to reach their destination. The United States Postal Service recently announced that it will be eliminating Saturday mail delivery beginning in August 2013. The adjustment to the delivery schedule is part of a plan that the USPS estimates will save $2 billion annually.

Take a look at the USPS announcement here.

How will this impact your business? Well, you’ll want to be extra careful that any time-sensitive mailings to patients have plenty of time to reach their mailboxes. You’ll want to add another day of lead time to those efforts. For some practices, this may not be a big deal. For others, it’s another addition to a list of operational adjustments you’ve been making over the last several years to accommodate the Postal Service (ahem…postage hikes…ahem).

The bigger question is: Why would you still be mailing to patients anyway? Occasional one-off communication can be appropriate for mail delivery, but most other routine outreach can be handled through much more efficient and cost-effective channels – phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. All of those appointment reminders, wellness messages, balance due notifications can be delivered quicker than “snail mail” and for far less cost.

Here’s a QuickTake video we created on why using snail mail for appointment reminders puts you at a disadvantage:

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