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Posted on October 9, 2013 by West Corporation 


Small Business Marketing: What’s Being Outsourced?

A June 2013 survey of 1,305 participants in Constant Contact’s Small Biz Council offered valuable insight into which marketing activities U.S. small businesses are outsourcing vs. handling in-house. The report also detailed why these decisions are being made, listing a perceived inability to afford outsourcing, internal bandwidth and ease of finding external resources.

Here are some of the highlights:

What’s Being Outsourced?
The report found that 40% of small businesses outsource their TV and radio ads. The next most commonly outsourced marketing activities are search engine optimization (35% of survey respondents), online banner ads (23%), website development (22%), and local print ads (20%).

What Do They Want to Outsource?
For each of these activities, more businesses prefer to outsource them than what is actually taking place today. For example, while 35% of businesses outsource SEO, 50% want to outsource it. That’s admittedly a bit of a confusing stat to read, so check out the graph for a clearer picture.

small business marketing outsourcing

Why Aren’t They Outsourcing?
When asked why they aren’t outsourcing a particular activity, respondents chose from a variety of reasons, including “can’t afford to outsource”, “have bandwidth internally” and the lack of awareness of external resources to handle the task. Results below.

small business marketing outsourcing reasons

Graphs courtesy of Constant Contact. You can read more about the survey findings here:

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