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Posted on August 16, 2013 by West Corporation 


Sloganize! – Drawing Inspiration from Classic Ad Campaigns

energizer bunny

Who’s ready to violate some copyright laws? Yeah!!

We’ve decided to risk being blacklisted by our fellow marketing community just to bring you these thoughts on how some of the most well-known advertising slogans can serve as inspiration for your patient communication strategy. Sometimes we’re so bombarded by these phrases in the media that life can feel like an ongoing series of slogans. But you’ve gotta hand it to the advertisers – the slogans are definitely memorable. So we say we turn lemons into lemonade and think about how these classic slogans can inspire you to create equally memorable dialogue and engagement with your patients.

Let’s sloganize, shall we?

  1. “Think different.” – Apple
    Providers thinking about ways to increase engagement levels with patients sometime ask themselves “Well, what do I do?” Why not take Apple’s advice and “think different”. If you’ve never promoted seasonal wellness exams, give that a shot. If you’ve never thought about texting your patients, that’s a good option to try. Try putting yourself in your patients’ shoes. What would YOU want to hear from your provider? What would you find most helpful? Get out of your comfort zone.
  2. “Have it your way.” – Burger King
    One of the best ways you can improve communication with your patients is to reach them the way they want to be reached. You might be mailing postcards to your patients today, but do they want more mail to sort through? Are you emailing them only? They may not want additional message in their inbox. Be sure to know how your patients prefer to be contacted. you’ll find that it most likely varies from patient to patient, so be prepared to offer multiple avenues for that communication.
  3. “We try harder.” – Avis
    When you can communicate through the channels your patients prefer, that’s a perfect way to begin building loyalty. You’ll show them that you’re putting forth the effort to improve their experience. You’re trying harder! Patients will certainly take notice.
  4. “He likes it!” – Life Cereal
    Here’s something you may not know – patients want to hear from you more often! Probably even Mikey, wherever he is today. 84% of patients surveyed in the recent study A Fragile Nation in Poor Health reported that they want to receive increased digital communication from their providers – text messages, emails, phone calls, etc. The trick is making those communications have substance. That was the beauty of Life cereal – a perfect mix of great taste that’s also great for you.
  5. “Don’t leave home without it.” – American Express
    When you’re getting creative with your patient outreach, don’t forget how much we’ve come to depend on our mobile devices. How often do you leave home without them? This recent infographic notes that 80% of Americans never leave home without their mobile device, and 85% of Americans are never more than three feet away from them at any given time. The ability to communicate with patients via their mobile devices opens up great opportunities to engage with them.
  6. “It keeps going. And going. And going.” – Energizer
    Increased patient engagement doesn’t come from one-off, isolated messages to patients. The best results come from a sustained increase in communication and your team’s commitment to building back-and-forth dialogue with patients over time. The Energizer Bunny was a cuddly metaphor for perpetual motion, and that constant activity plays a key role in long-term patient wellness.
  7. “Just do it.” – Nike
    Fragile Nation also found that 55% of providers don’t communicate with patients in between visits, but 40% want to start! If you’re in that 40%, what’s stopping you? Lace up those LunarGlides, slip on the sweatbands or put on any other official Nike gear and just do it. Remember – patients WANT to hear from you!

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