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#Socialsuccess- 23 Things You Should Know

There is a big difference between simply participating on social networks and then actually doing it well. This white paper offers a variety of ideas to help your practice achieve social success.

10 Reasons to Text Your Patients

A continued consumer shift toward digital communication and the improved functionality and security of SMS programs have made text messaging an essential tool for increasing provider-patient engagement.

Achieving Live Answers in Phone Calling Campaigns

An analysis of approximately 1.1 million automated outbound telephone calls indicates the best time of day to deliver those calls to get response.

Analytics In Action: What Website Metrics Matter Most And What You Should Do With Them

This white paper helps you navigate the often-confusing world of web analytics to find the metrics that most demand your attention and action.

Appointment Cancellations Are a Good Thing

Learn how offering patients the opportunity to cancel appointments during your reminder notifications leads to positive results for your organization.

Automated Breast Cancer Screening Reminders Save Lives

Reminders and education through automated messaging can initiate breast cancer screenings and help patients follow national health recommendations of repeat annual screenings.

Building Patient Loyalty Through Recall Notifications

Today’s top performing practices place equal emphasis on attracting new patients and keeping the ones they currently serve. Learn how recall efforts can help practices retain patients.

Choosing a Web Provider

Selecting your online marketing partner is a big decision. Here are eight key questions you should be asking potential vendors and our opinion on how they should answer.

Converting Website Visitors to Patients: Ideas for Effective Calls-to-Action

This white paper presents ideas for creating powerful calls-to-action on your practice website that encourage patients to schedule appointments, learn about new treatments and any other action you want them to take.

Elements Of An Effective Appointment Reminder

Check out our formula for the perfect appointment reminder that will not only successfully reach your patient but also engage them to act!

Four Recall Methods That Don’t Work – and One That Does

Traditional recall appointment communications fail to capture the full potential of maintaining patients’ health and generating additional revenue. Learn one method that consistently works for practices of all sizes!

Going Beyond Awareness: Six Preventive Outreach Must-Haves That Drive Patients to Action

How can you increase the odds that patients will respond to your preventive outreach efforts? Learn the six “must-haves” to optimize your communications for success.

Making the Most of On-Hold Time

This tipsheet offers eight ways to keep patients informed with on-hold messaging.

Marketing the Healthcare Practice: Three Goals You Can Achieve Through Messages On Hold

Some of your practice’s best growth opportunities are already waiting on the line. Learn how providing practice-specific messages on hold allows you to maximize advertising, retain callers and generate revenue.

No-Shows And Notifications: Minimizing Patient No-Shows Through Effective Communication

This white paper discusses appointment notification methods and techniques that will reduce your no-show rate.

On-Hold Essentials

This tipsheet discusses five mistakes to avoid when placing patients on hold.

Past Due Balances: Can You "COPE"?

Learn four best practices for driving payments from your past due patients without risking the long-term relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.

Patient Engagement: Improve Communication, Improve Care

Survey results show that healthcare providers and hospital systems are focusing on increasing patient engagement communications to improve healthcare delivery. This white paper discusses a few types of communications most providers indicated to be their h

Patient Medication Adherence and Compliance

This white paper outlines a strategy to improve medication adherence and compliance that is easy for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Redefining Practice Marketing

Attitudes about practice marketing are changing. The shift in dentistry over the past few years has inspired many dentists to market more in order to keep existing patients and bring in new ones.

Saying Goodbye to Snail Mail

More and more organizations are abandoning their old mailer-based reminder strategies after learning how newer technologies outperform snail mail.

Survey Confirms Automated Phone Messages as Optimal Appointment Reminder Method

Comparison of automated reminders to other methods shows reduced no-show rates and better staff time management.

Texting Patients: Your Questions Answered

During the West webinar “Texting 101: How to Begin Texting Your Patients” many healthcare organizations in attendance who were evaluating this communication channel posed a few questions that may be helpful to you too.

The Essential Elements of a Successful Blog

Blogs are growing in popularity as an extension of your website that allow for a more personal touch to build your online reputation and grow market share. This white paper outlines the essential elements to managing a successful blog.

The Impact Of Automated Outreach On A/R Results

Survey data shows a strong correlation between the presence of automated outreach to past due accounts and success in key A/R metrics.

Timing and Content of Effective A/R Outreach

This white paper introduces best practices in message timing and content for A/R communications to drive increased payments from patients.

Top A/R Challenges For Practices Rapid Report

A West survey asked healthcare professionals about their greatest challenges in post-visit communication, and 3 out of 4 respondents indicated past due accounts. What specifically is making A/R communication so difficult?

Top Challenges For Dental And Orthodontic Practices

Results and observations from a survey of nearly 500 dental and orthodontic professionals on the common problems they anticipated to be most challenging to their practice moving forward

Top Challenges For Medical Practices

Results and observations from a survey of nearly 500 healthcare professionals on the common problems they anticipated to be most challenging to their practice moving forward.

Wellness Outreach: Five Ideas for Measuring Your Success

This white paper includes five measurement best practices from organizations that have a strong understanding of their success in wellness outreach campaigns.

What’s Driving Delayed Payment?

This white paper examines four causes of today’s extended A/R cycles and introduces ideas for consideration when working to overcome those challenges.

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