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Our Healthy World Research Initiative utilizes ethnographic research to uncover, understand and interpret the patient point-of-view when it comes to managing their health. We focus on studying how people interact with healthcare providers and how they behave between doctor visits. As part of this program, TeleVox delivers research reports that provide healthcare professionals with timely insight for helping patients make healthy changes in their lives, follow treatment plans, and take accountability for improving their personal health.

West Resources

Discussing Diabetes

Discussing Diabetes examines the idea of technology-enabled between-visit engagement to help patients with the prevention and management of diabetes.

A Stressed Nation: Americans Search for a Healthy Balance

A Stressed Nation highlights the negative impact that stress is having on the health of Americans.

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic exposes the need for more interaction between doctors and parents to combat childhood obesity.

The Obesity Epidemic

Unhealthy Habits Result in a Growing Problem for Americans discusses both the patient and provider views on the fastest-growing health problem in America.

A Call For Change

A Call for Change highlights the fact that too many Americans are not adopting preventive care and lifestyle changes due to perceived high cost.

A Prevention Problem

A Prevention Problem examines the issue of preventive care in terms of the effect that health insurance (or lack thereof) has on whether or not patients take advantage of preventive and wellness measures.

Know Your Health: A Necessary Focus on Prevention

Know Your Health offers a guide for practicing a healthy lifestyle to prevent illness and disease. The report also addresses how high-tech communications, when employed by physicians to personalize preventive care, can benefit patients.

Technology Beyond the Exam Room

Technology Beyond the Exam Room discusses issues to consider when incorporating high-tech engagement into treatment plans.

Healthcare Change: The Time is Now

Healthcare Change reveals that most healthcare practices aren’t prepared for the demands of the 46.6 million Medicare beneficiaries who are now eligible for wellness visits.

A Fragile Nation in Poor Health

A Fragile Nation in Poor Health uncovers a significant gap in our nation’s healthcare system – lack of patient care between doctor visits.

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