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We believe healthcare organizations that prioritize ongoing patient activation and engagement will be best positioned to optimize the patient experience, improve care quality, maximize revenue and reduce costs. Our Insights & Impact initiative utilizes professionally-conducted ethnographic research to uncover key opportunities for engagement along the care continuum. By analyzing both the patient and provider points-of-view, our reports provide healthcare professionals with timely insight and strategies for improving patient communication and engagement.

Breaking the Readmissions Cycle

West’s study found the complexity of managing chronic conditions is more than many patients can handle on their own, yet ongoing support and follow-up from providers is limited. Technology-enabled communications can be used to educate, encourage and monitor chronic patients—and break the readmissions cycle. Read the report.

Examining Care Quality

West's new report reveals the majority of Americans did not see their health improve during the past year and are relying on their providers to take the lead on wellness and preventive care. The study also shows that providers have opportunities to more actively engage patients and encourage them to adopt healthy behaviors. Discover how technology-enabled communications can be used to both educate patients and prompt them to participate in preventive care. Read the report.

Optimizing Revenue

Medical providers are missing opportunities to drive timely payments, grow revenue and maximize reimbursements. Discover insights on the root causes of patient payment challenges, plus proactive strategies to secure positive revenue streams by engaging patients with technology-enabled communications. Read the report.

Prioritizing the Patient Experience

Increasing consumerization in healthcare necessitates optimizing patient experiences. Learn how patients shop for and choose providers, the priorities that determine satisfaction and loyalty and strategies for measuring and improving the patient experience. Read the report.

Strengthening Chronic Care

Chronic care management presents both providers and patients with an array of challenges and obstacles. Get insight into what patients need to better manage their chronic conditions and the tools and strategies that can be used to improve chronic care management. Read the report.

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