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Posted on January 23, 2018 by West Corporation 


Resolve to Focus on Patient Engagement This Year

It’s almost the end of January – how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? According to this article on the 11 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions, more than 130 million Americans make a New Year’s resolution, but by the end of January, more than 40 percent have given up. Not surprisingly, by the end of the year, less than 10 percent of resolutions will have been kept.¹ Now, think about your patients. What can you do to support them and make sure that by the end of 2018 they’ve gotten healthier?

It’s not surprising that three of the most popular resolutions are focused on wellness: eat heathier and lose weight (21.4%), quit smoking (7.1%) and work out more often (5.5%).² It’s clear that people realize they need to get healthier, but what’s eye opening is how many Americans struggle with these conditions.³

  • U.S. obesity rate: 28 percent
  • Physically inactive adults: 22 percent
  • Adult smokers: 18 percent

A West study  found that 83 percent of Americans hold their healthcare provider responsible for their well-being.4 Moreover, patients need and want support from their doctors, especially during the critical moments of daily life, when they are struggling to stay on track with healthy behaviors or prescribed treatment plans.

The good news is, providing this level of support to patients is made easier by technology. You can use your existing patient communication system to create proactive preventive care campaigns that engage and educate patients with a steady stream of reminders, information and encouragement. When delivered automatically via the channels patients prefer – phone calls, text messages and emails – and personalized to each patient’s care plan and needs, these outreach campaigns drive patients to take action.

Not sure what kinds of messages to send? Patients say they want their providers to make sure they are aware and taking advantage of recommended preventive tests and screenings. They also indicate an interest in educational information on how to improve their health, as well as ongoing reminders for important health behaviors such as healthy eating, exercise, taking prescribed medications and attending healthcare appointments.5

As you reach out to your patients, keep in mind that increasing communication alone doesn’t necessarily mean success. Read this white paper to discover six ways you can get your patients to respond and take the actions needed to improve their health.

It’s a new year! Help your patients make 2018 one of their healthiest years ever.


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