Recall Reminders

Recall Reminders

How are you getting patients back in for their recall appointments? Are you getting them in at all?? TeleVox Recall Reminders quickly connect with large volumes of patients due for follow-up appointments and make it easy for them to transfer to staff for scheduling.

Is it time to consider TeleVox Recall Reminders for your organization? You’ll have a low-cost, consistent and effective way to connect with patients about recall visits.¬†CLICK¬†HERE to learn more!

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Improve Response Rates over Mailed Reminders

If you mail recall reminders to patients today, are you happy with the results? One practice grew recall appointment booking rates by 104% after replacing their recall postcards with automated phone calls. Those phone calls generated a 41% first call conversion rate! What would similar success mean to your bottom line?

Lower the Cost of Recall Efforts

TeleVox Recall Reminders also provide a significant cost savings to mailed reminders or staff time devoted to calling patients. By letting us handle the outbound messages to patients, staff members can now be refocused to help with inbound scheduling requests or other important tasks. Rising postal rates make the shift from mailed outreach to automated phone, text and email messages a no-brainer. You can deliver numerous TeleVox Recall Reminders for the cost of a single mailing.

See the Results of Each and Every Recall Reminder

Unlike manual staff contact efforts or mailed communications, TeleVox Recall Reminders offer detailed reporting on the outcome of all contact efforts. If someone transferred to be scheduled, you’ll see that in the report. If they need an updated phone number, you’ll see that too.

How it Works

West’s three-phase approach to recall reminders consistently drives results for our clients. The process includes:

  • Planning – Whether patients prefer text reminders, emails, voice calls, or any combination of the three, we’ll work with you to plan how and when patients will receive recall reminders.
  • Execution – West takes over from here, using your uploaded data and custom scripting to deliver recall messages to each patient.
  • Action – After notifications are completed, your staff can access summary and detailed reports of each attempted notification. Reports can be used by staff to personally target any patients still in need of an additional outreach.

Success Stories

Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons – Kent, OH

  • 104% appointment booking increase compared to postcard outreach
  • 41% first-call conversion rate from TeleVox Recall Reminders

Willow Bend Pediatrics – Plano, TX

  • 75% reduction of recall reminder communication costs
  • “Working with West for recalls has allowed us to better balance well visits throughout the summer.”
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