Portal Adoption

Portal Adoption

Have you considered delivering reminder communications to drive traffic to your patient portal? TeleVox Portal Adoption messaging increases your adoption rate, educates patients on its value and enhances their overall portal experience.

The American Journal of Medical Quality estimates that only 23% of patients have enrolled in their provider’s portal. Could targeted outreach increase adoption rates for your organization? Click HERE to learn more!

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Move from Enrollment to Activation

Have you made it easy for patients to get started? After initial enrollment, many portals require a second step for a patient to activate their account. Since patients are busy and often forget, West sends subtle yet effective reminders to those who have not activated.

Educate Patients on the Portal's Value

Low portal adoption rates are often tied to lack of patient motivation for using the technology. Our notifications can highlight the variety of tools the portal makes available to patients, giving them compelling reasons to sign up and log in.

Increase Usage from Patients

To get the most out of your portal, it’s important that patients utilize its different features. West can deliver topic-specific messages to patients who are not using specific portal tools, such as online payments, lab test results retrieval and more.

How it Works

TeleVox Portal Adoption communications include Planning, Execution and Action phases to help you improve portal adoption rates.

  • Planning – What notification channels will you use to connect with patients? Will they be able to immediately transfer to staff and obtain their PIN? We’ll work with you to plan response-driven outreach that meets your goals.
  • Execution – We’ll use your uploaded data and recorded custom messages to connect with each patients.
  • Action – What were the results of the outreach? Summary and detailed reports provide insight into the success of portal adoption outreach efforts and influence next steps for your staff.

Success Stories

Utah Spine Care – Ogden, UT

  • 500% increase in patient portal registrations
  • 31% response rate to TeleVox Portal Adoption notifications
  • “Since we began delivering portal registration notification messages with West, we’ve noticed a significant increase in patients who content us to obtain their unique PIN.”
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