Wellness and Preventive Reminders

Wellness and Preventive Reminders

Research shows that up to 50% of patients are not receiving recommended care for certain conditions. Is patient communication part of the problem? You already know that early detection, prompt treatment and continuing care can reduce the severity and risk of complications for many ailments. But with your current patient workload and overwhelmed staff, how do you proactively reach out to your patients?

TeleVox Wellness and Preventive Reminders encourage patients to be active participants in their care, helping schedule screenings and preventive exams, sharing important health tips and communicating other essential wellness-related information. CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Convenience Leads to Response

Effective outreach reaches patients through their preferred communication channels, and those preferences differ for every patient. TeleVox Wellness and Preventive Reminders include automated phone calls, text messages and emails to meet patient preferences for care-related communication.

Multichannel Outreach Matters

Have you tasked internal teams with calling patients to confirm appointments? Why not focus those team members on in-office patient care? West can handle a day’s worth of appointment confirmations in minutes, freeing up staff to work with patients or focus on other important tasks.

Cost-Effective Solution for Patient Outreach

While annual exams, seasonal observances and more offer ample opportunities for routine care communication to patients, many organizations lack the resources to take a proactive approach to patient outreach. West allows you to connect with high volumes of patients without the high cost and man-hours needed for mailed and manual staff communication.

How it Works

The three phases of TeleVox Wellness and Preventive Reminders include:

  • Planning – What is your preferred call to action for patients? Direct transfer to staff for scheduling or some other response? The Planning phase builds these response elements into message scripts and communication channels.
  • Execution – After message scripting and recording is complete, data is uploaded to West and notifications are delivered to all patients. Need to adjust the pace of notifications to be properly staffed for incoming response from patients? No problem. We’ll work with you to properly throttle notification volume.
  • Action – After the notification campaign is complete, you’ll have access to summary and detailed reports on the results of each and every attempted communication. Use this insight to determine next steps for patients who could use additional outreach.

Success Stories

Ochsner Health System – New Orleans, LA

  • 18% conversion rate from patients in need of colonoscopy or upper endoscopy
  • $684,930 estimated annual revenue generated from campaign
  • “Because West handles the outbound communication, our team of eight FTEs can manage incoming response for scheduling and other questions. Delivering a similar campaign with manual resources would have required a 30-person call center.”

Sentara Healthcare – Virginia and North Carolina

  • 26% response to notifications encouraging patients to confirm they are up-to-date on preventive services
  • 30X improvement over EHR-delivered communications
  • “It is our commitment to improve health every day. TeleVox Wellness and Preventive Reminders are now a mechanism to reach that goal.”
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