ER Diversion Outreach

ER Diversion Outreach

65% of ER visits are not true emergency situations, but health plans are often left to foot the bill. TeleVox ER Diversion Outreach enables health plans to connect with members and direct them toward appropriate routes to care.

Does TeleVox ER Diversion Outreach truly change behaviors? Comparison to a control population showed a 53% decrease in repeat ER visits from health plans members who received a notification. It’s a single-source solution to a growing problem for today’s health plans. CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Multichannel Messaging

Engage members through a combination of channels to increase connection rates and meet their communication preferences. Choose from voice calls, emails, text messages and postcard options to make sure messages reach your members – all available through a single-source partner.

Best Practice Scripting

What calls to action should be included in your outreach? What alternative routes to care and resources should you mention? West can recommend proven message scripting to drive inquiries about finding primary care providers, increase traffic to nurse lines and encourage other desired actions.

Increase Connections and Gather Important Feedback

TeleVox ER Diversion Outreach includes tools to continually improve results over time. You can deliver phone-based surveys to learn why members are choosing the ER and pinpoint opportunities for further education. For members who are unable to be reached with initial contact efforts, West offers the ability to scrub that contact information for future attempts. There’s a lot at stake in ER diversion initiatives. West gives you the resources you need to make a measurable impact.

How it Works

Each aspect of the outreach process employs best practices that effectively lead members to more appropriate future routes to care, including:

  • Scripting – West will work with you to determine message content and interactive notification features that allow members to access care resources and get their questions answered.
  • Notification Channels – Every member has their own unique preferences on how you’ll communicate with them. TeleVox ER Diversion Outreach includes options for automated phone calls, emails, text messages and mailed outreach to meet their individual needs.
  • Outreach Timing – Multiple touches are recommended to get the most out of TeleVox ER Diversion Outreach. West will recommend message frequency and sequences to ensure members know their best course of action moving forward.
  • Reporting – Summary and detailed notification reports help you close the loop on outreach efforts. You’ll know which members were successfully reached, which members could benefit from an additional outreach effort and more.

Success Stories

TeleVox ER Diversion Outreach reduced repeat ER visits by 53% compared to a control member population.

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