Re-enrollment Campaigns

Re-enrollment Campaigns

Re-enrollment is the lifeblood of a successful health plan. But inspiring members to take action and complete the process can be challenging for even the most efficient organizations. TeleVox Re-enrollment Campaigns offer a bigger and better alternative to manual staff outreach and mail-only efforts.

How will you connect with your members for their next re-enrollment and beyond? Retain members with targeted TeleVox Re-enrollment Campaigns. Click HERE to learn more!

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Multichannel Outreach Drives Response

Many health plans rely solely on mailed communication to support re-enrollment efforts. Those same health plans are missing out on the lift that comes from a multichannel and multitouch communication strategy. TeleVox Re-enrollment Campaigns supplement mailed efforts with interactive automated phone calls, emails and text messages that give members immediate opportunities to respond.

Cost-Friendly Alternative to Manual Outreach

Another common approach to re-enrollment outreach is having staff manually contact members. But can these teams cover your entire population that needs to be contacted? And if so, how much is it costing you to task teams with this outreach? TeleVox Re-enrollment Campaigns are a proven way to reach large member populations for a fraction of the cost of manual staff outreach.

Improve Contact Information to Expand Reach

What percentage of your member database has accurate contact information? Every member counts in re-enrollment efforts, and West helps health plans identify and append individual member contact information to increase opportunities for outreach success.

How it Works

Take advantage of best practices around these outreach components to maximize your re-enrollment outreach:

  • Scripting – We’ll work with you to determine appropriate calls to action and suggest interactive message elements (calls transfers, etc.) that make it easy for members to respond.
  • Communication Channels – West clients can blend automated phone calls, emails, text messages and mailed outreach to connect with members per their individual communication preferences.
  • Outreach Frequency – How often should you connect with members to inspire action and response to your outreach? West will recommend a notification schedule to keep re-enrollment top-of-mind for members.
  • Reporting – Did we successfully reach the member? Do they need updated contact information? After communications have been delivered, you’ll be able to access summary and detailed reporting to determine next steps on a member-specific level.

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