Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Automated Appointment Reminder Service – A Practice Must-Have

Every medical appointment needs an appointment reminder, and today there’s simply too much revenue being lost to patient no-shows. TeleVox Appointment Reminders give you the tools you need to efficiently deliver high volumes of patient phone, email and text appointment reminders without overburdening your staff or breaking your budget.

TeleVox Appointment Reminders reduce broken appointments by an average of 25-30%. You’ll keep patients on track with their care and retain that appointment revenue.CLICK HERE to request a free, personal demo from our TeleVox team! Or follow the link below to test our text appointment reminder service for yourself!

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Patient Appointment Reminders Geared For Response

TeleVox Appointment Reminders keep dentist, orthodontist or other doctor schedules full by not only delivering the important reminder communication, but also generating a response. Patients can reply to text appointment reminders, click appointment reminder emails or press their phone keypad to confirm their visit or let you know they need to cancel. TeleVox appointment reminder campaigns allow for detailed reports of who confirmed, who cancelled, who needs updated contact information and more. You can use advance notice of a cancellation to fill that appointment slot with a waitlist or high priority patient.

Automated Appointment Reminders Free Up Staff Time

Have you tasked internal teams with calling patients to confirm appointments? Why not focus those team members on in-office patient care? West can handle a day’s worth of appointment confirmation calls in minutes, freeing up staff to work with patients or focus on other important tasks.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Mailed Patient Appointment Reminders

Old habits can be hard to break. But organizations that have committed to tossing appointment reminder postcards in the trash have saved thousands annually on their medical appointment reminders. Why continue to fight rising postal rates when West can deliver personalized patient appointment reminders via phone calls, emails and automated text messages for a fraction of that cost?

How Automated Appointment Reminders Work

Successful TeleVox Appointment Reminder campaigns cover three phases to help you maximize the benefits of appointment confirmations:

  • Planning Your Appointment Reminders – We work with you to determine which notifications channels you want to use (phone calls, emails, text), response options offered to patients and more.
  • Appointment Reminder Execution – After message scripting and recording is complete, data is uploaded to West using our TeleVox software and notifications are delivered to all patients.
  • Patient Appointment Reminder Action – Users can access detailed reports on the results of all medical appointment reminder attempts. For patients who have indicated a need to cancel or reschedule their visit, your staff can work with patients to adjust their doctor appointment time and offer the previous appointment slot to wait-list patients.

Success Stories

Howard University – Washington, DC

  • Eliminated $110,880 annual FTE costs for manual phone outreach
  • “The cost-savings were immediate, and the no-show rate was quickly cut in half.”

Premier Diagnostic Center – Colorado Springs, CO

  • 30% no-show reduction has resulted in a $514,800 annual impact
  • “The reporting helps us make sure patients get here and come properly prepared.”

Bauer Hite Orthodontic Specialists – Glen Carbon, IL

  • “We’ve tossed the postcards and now deliver reminders via automated channels where patients can easily respond. I’m telling you – it’s a beautiful thing.”
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Learn More About TeleVox Appointment Reminders Now

Don’t keep letting money escape your practice in no-show costs or paying staff to manually make patient appointment reminders. West has the solution for your orthodontic, dental or any medical practice and it is the perfect compliment to your Televox website design. Simply contact us today at 800.644.4266 and let us show you exactly how the TeleVox automated appointment reminder system can boost your practice to new profits!

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