Reminder Communications

Reminder Communications

Reminder Communications Increase Patient Engagement & Convenience

About 85% of patients say they want more communication from their medical providers, and thankfully, there are seemingly countless opportunities to connect. TeleVox Automated Reminder Communications include automated text, voice call and email reminders that not only keep patients informed but also inspire them to take action. Whether they’re confirming an appointment via an automated text reminder or pressing their phone keypad to handle a past due payment, Reminder Communications make it easy for patients to stay engaged in their ongoing care.

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How can TeleVox Reminder Communications connect with your patients?



How much revenue are you missing from patient no-shows? Reduce broken appointments with automated appointment reminder messages that enable patients to confirm and cancel their upcoming visits. This TeleVox solution is perfect for orthodontists, pediatric dentists and all medical practices.

Wellness and Preventive

When 51% of patients say that between-visit communication makes them feel more valued, it’s time to make that a focus of your dental, orthodontic or medical practice. Build relationships, improve outcomes and generate revenue with routine care communication.

Voice & Network


Make it easy for patients to schedule their follow-up appointments. TeleVox Automated Recall Reminders increase patient appointment booking rates while reducing the cost of recall outreach.

Patient Payments

Most past due accounts just need a friendly reminder to make their payment. Deliver quick reminder communications system or adopt a full TeleVox IVR payment solution to improve A/R results.

ER Diversion

Every unnecessary ER visit introduces an opportunity to encourage a more appropriate route to care. This TeleVox solution uses multiple outreach channels and best practice scripting to reduce repeat ER visits.

Cost Containment

Portal Adoption

Are patients taking full advantage of your portal? TeleVox Portal Adoption communications increase adoption rates and overall usage to improve patient experience.


Have you struggled to find a cost-effective re-enrollment strategy? Health plans can retain members through targeted outreach that makes it easy to take action.

Why choose TeleVox Reminder Communications?

Multichannel matters.

Everyone has their preferred way of being contacted. TeleVox automated text reminders, call system reminders, emails – use any or all of these channels to meet communication preferences while breaking through the noise in today’s communication landscape.

Security is our top priority.

As a world leader in technology-enabled communication services, West is fully committed to the security of your outreach, with concentrated focus on the message delivery, data transfer, data storage and more of our TeleVox software systems. There’s no margin for error in handling sensitive data, and that’s why thousands of healthcare organizations trust West as their outreach partner.

“Easy” isn’t just for your patients.

A patient outreach solution should create efficiencies for your staff as well. West works with all PMS and EMR systems to make sure we have the information needed for impactful outreach and can then return results that enable your teams to determine next steps.


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With so many options to fit the needs of every dentist, orthodontist and doctor, you are sure to find the appointment reminder or outreach communications system that is perfect for your medical practice. And our communications solutions can easily compliment your TeleVox website design for a seamless operation. Give us a call today at 800.644.4266 and let’s get you communicating more effectively and efficiently with your patients.

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