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Posted on October 29, 2017 by West Corporation 


Proven Outreach Tips to Increase Preventive Care – Part I

This is the first part of a two-part series.

Increasing response rates from patient outreach leads to greater appointment volume and additional revenue. More importantly, when it comes to preventive care, it can help patients stay healthy and improve health outcomes. These “must-haves” are proven ways to optimize outreach by prompting patients to schedule preventive care appointments.

1. Let patients choose their channel.

Allow patients to choose the channel they prefer to ensure your messages receive the attention they deserve. Contacting all patients with a phone call misses an opportunity to text and email patients who prefer to keep messages for reference later or check messages as their schedule permits. The best strategy is to offer phone calls, texts and emails—and then let patients choose the channel they prefer.

2. Personalize patient communications.

Even if you’re using technology-enabled communications, you can personalize digital messages by infusing them with patient-specific details. Use the patient’s name, their provider’s name and other details to show that you are not simply delivering a generic message, but one that’s unique to each patient.

3. Make scheduling as easy as possible.

Whether it’s scheduling an appointment or requesting more information, the most likely time to get a response is the moment the message is received. Automated phone calls can include an option to press a keypad button to transfer to staff. Emails can collect responses with a mouse click. Even text messages can allow for two-way communication by enabling patients to text back or click to call.


Automated reminders encourage patients to become active participants in their care by scheduling screenings and preventive exams, sharing important health tips and managing chronic diseases.

Download the White Paper: Going Beyond Awareness: Six Preventive Outreach Must-Haves That Drive Patients to Actions

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