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Posted on April 28, 2015 by West Corporation 


Preventive Steps Among Men

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TeleVox’s recent Healthy World report, A Call for Change: How Adopting a Preventive Lifestyle Can Ensure a Healthy Future for More Americans, examined the idea that too many Americans are not adopting preventive care and lifestyle changes due to perceived high cost.

As the report zoomed in on various demographic and geographic subsets of patients surveyed for the study, there were a number of interesting findings specific to males:

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  • 94% of men feel that preventive care is important. However, only 24% give themselves an A grade for the efforts to ensure preventive care for themselves.
  • 92% of men reported that they feel taking proper preventive measures saves patients money and think it is less expensive to prevent a serious condition or disease than it is to treat it.
  • Only 34% of men have taken the preventive measure of discussing medical history and risk factors with their doctor in the last two years.

Such statistics leave providers with a big challenge when it comes to truly engaging men in their health. As the Healthy World survey revealed, the problem isn’t that men don’t understand the importance of preventive care. They’re just struggling to turn that understanding into action. For example, when asked about commonly prescribed preventive activities, only 52% report that they’ve tried to exercise routinely, and only 49% say they are taking prescribed medication on a regular basis.

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