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The Official Blog for Intrado’s TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on January 8, 2019 by West Corporation 


Patients Want to Take Healthcare Surveys on Their Own Time, Any Device

When it comes to patient satisfaction surveys, one thing is clear: nearly all healthcare providers (98%) think surveys are useful. But, providers aren’t clear on how to get patients to actually complete them.

Despite 86 percent of patients reporting being interested in taking surveys, many patients don’t take advantage of opportunities to participate in satisfaction surveys and share feedback with providers.

West surveyed 1,036 adults in the U.S. about what it would take to persuade them to complete healthcare surveys. One answer patients repeatedly gave was that they would prefer to take surveys on their own time and have the ability to do so on any device.Patient Survey

One-third (33%) of patients would be more likely to respond to a survey if they could take it from any device of their choosing, and four in ten patients (43%) would be more likely to participate if they could complete the survey at a time they deem convenient.

When an appointment is over, many patients want to get out the door quickly. They may be heading to the pharmacy to fill a prescription, rushing back to work or simply wanting to get home because they are not feeling well. In those situations, asking patients to take extra time to provide survey feedback before leaving their appointment might not yield a good response. However, sending patients a link to an online survey that can be taken at any time may produce better results.

Providers who use patient engagement technology to send appointment reminders to patients can easily leverage that same technology to automatically deliver online surveys following appointments. By sending patients a message with a link to an online satisfaction survey, providers give patients the flexibility to complete the survey at their convenience – whether that means the patient completes the survey on their phone while waiting for their prescription at the pharmacy, at home on a tablet, or at any other time or place that is convenient for them.

Additionally, patients may not always be comfortable completing satisfaction surveys while at their doctor’s office. Respecting this, and patients’ other preferences for survey participation, can lead to better response rates. For additional information on how to improve patient survey response rates, download Simple Survey Strategies for Better Patient Participation.

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