Remote Monitoring Surveys

Remote Monitoring Surveys

TeleVox Remote Monitoring Surveys empower patients and members. They’re how you know what information individuals need to stay on track with treatment. They’re also a helpful tool to gauge how involved and motivated people are in their ongoing care. Surveys have proven to be essential tools for reducing readmissions, encouraging appropriate routes to care and sustaining high satisfaction ratings.

Learn how targeted and convenient surveys draw high participation rates and provide actionable information to your clinical staff. CLICK HERE to learn more!


Cover Ground for Care Coordinators

Remote Monitoring Surveys can handle the repetitive task of survey administration while sourcing opportunities for care coordinator intervention. You’ll more quickly identify opportunities for additional coaching and education.

Deliver a Convenient Survey Experience

Individuals receive a notification and can immediately transfer to participate or dial in to an inbound 800-number at their later convenience. They use the phone keypad to answer a series of questions about their ongoing self-management. It only takes a few minutes for patients and members to provide valuable insight.

Manage Outreach through a Single Vendor

From delivery to data collection, West offers all of the technology you need to manage member and patient surveys. There’s no need to enlist multiple vendors and experience the frustrations that come with keeping those different moving parts in sync.

How it Works


Ready to learn more about TeleVox Remote Monitoring Surveys? Here’s how they work:

  • Planning – Determine the best communications to drive survey participation through a combination of automated phone calls, emails, text messages, mailed outreach.
  • Collection¬†– Once your survey content is ready and contact data is uploaded, West will connect with each member or patient. Best practices around outreach strategy will mean more response and greater participation.¬†Participants use interactive communication functionality to respond to an outbound communication or call an inbound 800-number to complete a brief IVR survey.
  • Action¬†– Access the survey results and outreach information you need to determine next steps.


Success Stories

HealthCare Partners

A remote monitoring pilot program used IVR surveys to engage COPD self-management program patients, delivering the following results:

  • 54% reduction in hospital admissions and costs among IVR program patients
  • 30% increase in outpatient clinic visits due to increased engagement
  • High satisfaction ratings among patients and clinicians

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