Post-Discharge Surveys

Post-Discharge Surveys

Post-discharge is one of the most crucial periods for provider-patient interaction. It’s critical to make sure patients know when to take the medications prescribed to them, when to seek additional medical attention and more. It’s also important to know if patients were able to get answers to their questions prior to discharge so they can confidently self-manage at home.

TeleVox Post-Discharge Surveys allow you to gather this important feedback by making it convenient for patients to respond. CLICK HERE to learn more!


Automate the Survey Process

West connects with patients to administer post-discharge surveys for a fraction of the time and expense it would take to do it yourself. Your job is figuring out next steps based on all the incoming feedback from survey participants.

Elevate Participation Rates

Why do TeleVox Post-Discharge Surveys experience such high participation rates? Because we make it easy. Individuals receive a notification and can immediately transfer to participate or dial in to an inbound 800-number at their later convenience. From there, it’s only a matter of answering questions about the discharge experience via their phone keypad.

Work with a Single Vendor to Get Results

No need to enlist multiple vendors to conduct your post-discharge surveys. West handles everything from participation outreach to conducting and reporting on the survey itself. You’ll experience a cost-savings while ensuring all phases of the survey project are aligned.

How it Works


Every successful automated survey project includes these stages:

  • Planning – This is where we collaborate to determine the best communications to drive survey participation – automated phone calls, emails, text messages, mailed outreach, or any combination.
  • Collection¬†– West uses your uploaded contact data and survey content to deliver outreach to each individual. Take advantage of best practices around optimal communication times to increase attention and response.¬†Participants use interactive communication functionality to respond to an outbound communication or call an inbound 800-number to complete a brief IVR survey.
  • Action¬†– After the campaign is completed, you’ll have access to both the results of outbound communication efforts and responses to the IVR survey – the information you need to determine next steps.


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