Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Providing a high quality of care that keeps patients coming back and builds a strong reputation is crucial for healthcare organizations seeking continuous growth. However, the typical high cost and demand on staff time to manage satisfaction surveys leaves many organizations struggling to effectively and efficiently gather feedback on each individual’s care experience. TeleVox Patient Satisfaction Surveys seamlessly connect you with an entire population of patients within minutes without the use of staff time. Interactive voice technology and immediate online access to survey results gives you the data needed to evaluate patient satisfaction and quickly identify areas for growth and improvement. CLICK HERE to learn more!


Drive Higher Response Rates

Over one-third (34%) of U.S. consumers said they would be more honest when talking about their medical needs through an automated call, email, or text message than in person with a healthcare provider. TeleVox Patient Satisfaction Surveys can be delivered after hours when your patients are more likely to be willing and able to complete your survey. Allowing them to provide feedback from the comfort of their own home eliminates the discomfort a patient may feel when providing feedback live or in-office.

Get Faster Results

TeleVox Patient Satisfaction Surveys can begin interacting with patients in as little as 48 hours from their last appointment. Best practice calling times, customizable survey branching and multiple answer format options ensure you collect the most relevant feedback from your patients to make the best decisions for your organization. Patient survey responses are analyzed immediately, and actionable survey results are conveniently accessed online 24/7 from any location.

Collect Data for Less

The solution requires no upfront investment and gathers personalized feedback for a fraction of the cost of mailed surveys or live interviews. Your organization could save thousands in annual costs commonly associated with traditional survey methods, including ever-rising postal rates and FTE hours spent on preparing mailed communications or making manual outbound calls.

Devote Staff to Other Important Tasks

TeleVox Patient Satisfaction Surveys gather data with no staff involvement or impact on your telecom resources or call center, allowing your staff to focus on other important tasks. Automated nightly reports and 24/7 online access eliminate the need to manually pull survey results each day and alert you to patients who appear to be unsatisfied with their experiences, so you can follow up immediately.

How it Works

Take advantage of West’s best practices throughout all three phases of your survey project, including:

  • Planning– Create your survey using customized branching that adjusts based on respondents’ answers. Choose from multiple answer format options to get the most detailed responses. Select communication channels using a combination of text messages, phone calls, emails or mail to get the highest participation.
  • Collection– West will reach out to individuals through those communication channels to drive participation. Voicemail detection technology allows West to detect live answers, an answering device or an invalid number and act accordingly.
  • Action– You’ll have 24/7 secure online access to survey results. Use nightly automated or ad hoc reports make decisions based on the big picture.


Success Stories

HealthCare Partners – Torrance, CA

  • 89% completion rate for nearly 44,000 patients enrolled in a disease management program.
  • 54% reduction in hospital admissions and associated costs
  • “TeleVox surveys are an important part of our quality initiatives, helping us stay focused on improving patient care while achieving fives-start quality ratings.”

High Desert Medical Group – Lancaster, CA

  • 30-35% response rate to TeleVox surveys, doubling previous efforts via in-office paper surveys
  • “We’ve found that patients are much more willing to provide feedback from the comfort and convenience of their own home, and sending survey calls on the same day as the appointment ensures that we’ll receive the most accurate responses to our questions.”
  • “TeleVox’s account management team has greatly improved our ability to collect survey data we can effectively and quickly use to improve service to our patients.”


Satisfied patients will share their positive experiences with five others, on average, and dissatisfied patients complain to nine (or more) other people.

Source – Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc.

Nearly 80% of medical practices deemed “better performers” conduct patient surveys.

Source – MGMA

A hospital with $120 million in annual revenues can improve patient satisfaction and realize an estimated $2.2 million to $5.4 million in additional revenue annually.
Source- Hall, M. F. (2008, October). Looking to improve financial results? Start by listening to patients, Healthcare Financial Management, 76-80.

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