Health Risk Assessment Surveys

Health Risk Assessment Surveys

Reaching new members within a narrow timeframe to complete Health Risk Assessments creates a challenge for health plans of all sizes. Care coordinators often face a daunting task of connecting with high volumes of members while conducting time-intensive surveys once a member is available and willing to participate.

West helps health plans with the outbound connection part of the process, freeing care coordinators to focus on quality interactions with member participants. CLICK HERE to learn more!


Efficiently Use Care Coordination Teams

If you are trying to reach members by having care coordinators manually call them, what percentage of those attempts are actually successful? Whether they are reaching busy signals, leaving voicemails or any other unproductive outreach, that’s valuable time that could be better spent with members who are ready to complete their assessment.

Convenience is Key

Why do TeleVox Health Risk Assessment campaigns work? They make it easy for members to engage and participate. In live-answered phone calls, a simple phone keypad response connects them with care coordinators to start the survey. Mailed communications offer an inbound 800-number members can call when they’re ready to begin. Convenience is essential to high participation rates, and West clears the way for immediate member response.

Save With a Single Vendor

Health plans that automate outreach for Health Risk Assessments are already halfway down the path to success. But if communication efforts require multiple vendors for phone efforts, mailed outreach and other channels, West can consolidate these efforts into a single cohesive approach. TeleVox Health Risk Assessments offer the advantages of multiple communication channels for a streamlined cost.

How it Works


West’s three-phase approach to Health Risk Assessments maximizes participation. The process includes:

  • Planning – We’ll work with you to develop a blend of automated phone calls, emails, text messages and mailed outreach that compels people to connect and complete their Health Risk Assessment.
  • Collection – West takes over from here, using your uploaded contact data and custom scripting to deliver outreach to each individual.
  • Action – After notifications are completed, your team can access summary and detailed reports of each attempted notification. Reports can be used by staff to personally target anyone still in need of an additional outreach.


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