Identify Opportunities with Gaps
in Care Surveys

Identify Opportunities with Gaps
in Care Surveys

Identify and Close Care Gaps to Improve Quality

Gaps in care surveys can be used to identify patients who say they need help managing their health beyond the clinical setting in their daily lives. Often, they lack the knowledge and confidence to stick to their treatment plans, forgoing what might be critical points of care. Intrado’s TeleVox solutions can deliver surveys that make it easy to assess and address gaps in care among your members and patients. Rather than tasking care coordination teams with hours of inefficient outbound communication attempts, Intrado automates the process, from encouraging individuals to participate to guiding them through an automated survey.

Supplement Care Coordination with Automated Outreach

Why focus care coordination teams on the time-consuming process of connecting with patients, when they could be consulting with those in need of additional coaching? Intrado’s TeleVox solutions handle the task of connecting with individuals and collecting initial survey data, giving the care coordination staff the data they need for informed and effective follow-up.

Maximize Participation

Using Intrado’s TeleVox solutions to deliver automated gaps in care surveys makes it easy for individuals to provide feedback. Automated notifications invite patients to complete a between-visit survey. It only takes a few minutes for patients to complete and provide the data you need. It’s been proven time and again – give people an easy way to take action, and you’ll maximize response rates.

Of patients say they need help
managing their disease.

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