Gaps in Care Surveys

Gaps in Care Surveys

TeleVox Surveys allow you to assess and address gaps in care among your members and patients. Rather than tasking care coordination teams with hours of inefficient outbound communication attempts, West automates the process from encouraging individuals to participate to guiding them through an automated survey.

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Supplement Care Coordination with Automated Outreach

Why focus care coordination teams on the time-consuming process of connecting with members and patients, when they could be consulting with those in need of additional coaching? West handles the task of connecting with individuals and collecting initial survey data, giving care coordination staff the data they need for informed and effective follow-up.

Maximize Participation

West makes it easy for individuals to provide feedback about gaps in care. They can press a key on their phone from an automated call to transfer and complete an IVR survey. They can call an inbound 800-number on a mailed postcard to participate at their convenience. It’s been proven time and again – give people an easy way to take action, and you’ll maximize response rates.

Many Touch Points, One Vendor

Effective outreach programs employ multiple communication channels to get results. Consolidate your phone, email, text and mailed outreach efforts into a single source, and you’ll eliminate the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors to execute outreach and experience significant cost savings.

How it Works


TeleVox Surveys include best practices at all stages of the survey process to provide essential feedback on gaps in care, including:

  • Planning – We’ll work with you to develop a blend of automated phone calls, emails, text messages and mailed outreach that compels members and patients to connect and participate in the survey.
  • Collection – West takes over from here, using your uploaded contact data and custom scripting to deliver outreach to each individual and leveraging optimal communication times to increase attention and response. Participants use interactive communication functionality to respond to an outbound communication or call an inbound 800-number to complete a brief IVR survey.
  • Action – After the campaign is completed, you’ll have access to both the results of outbound communication efforts and responses to the IVR survey. Care coordinators can use the data to determine the need for additional outreach.


Success Stories


Leading BlueCross Blue Shield Plan

West conducted a phone survey with members non-compliant on ACE/ARB fills and used response to determine the following around apparent gaps in care:

  • Verifying apparent gaps – 19% of survey respondents had not filled their prescription
  • Disproving apparent gaps – 81% claimed to have filled it, and the survey enabled members to indicate whether it was filled through generics, filled through the VA, etc.


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