Patient Surveys

Patient Surveys

Organizations of all sizes face common challenges when trying to increase survey participation and gather essential feedback. It’s a time-consuming endeavor to design, deliver and analyze surveys. Increased outreach means an increase in the staff need to cover it. There can be an additional strain on phone and IVR systems. And all of that means that doing it right comes with a large financial investment. TeleVox Patient Surveys efficiently gather survey feedback for a fraction of the cost of other methods.

How can TeleVox Patient Surveys improve quality of care?

Health Risk Assessments

Assess an individual’s health status and identify risk factors to set the stage for ongoing quality of care. West expands your outreach capabilities in HRA efforts to gather the information you need.

Patient Satisfaction

With today’s increased focus on patient experience, the satisfaction survey has taken on its most important role yet. Elevate participation rates through automated survey delivery and execution.

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Gaps in Care

Find out why individuals have gaps in care through a brief survey. You’ll gain the insight you need to plan next steps, whether that’s additional educational outreach, provider intervention, etc.

Medication Adherence

Are patients sticking to their treatment plans? TeleVox Medication Adherence surveys provide data to help you keep patients on track with their prescriptions.


Do patients know their responsibilities after a hospital stay? Are there additional opportunities to provide help as they self-manage? TeleVox Post-Discharge surveys help you find out.

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