Real-Time Feedback Drives
Better Patient Experiences

Real-Time Feedback Drives
Better Patient Experiences

Patient Surveys Gather Important Feedback and Data

Patient surveys provide valuable patient feedback and insights that all healthcare organizations need in order to improve service and care, but getting patients to participate is just one of many challenges. It’s a time-consuming endeavor to design, deliver and analyze surveys, and there can be an additional strain on staff and financial resources. Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Surveys enable providers to capture valuable insights from a single platform, with an intuitive design that makes executing patient surveys easy for both providers and patients.

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Patient Surveys Drive Improvements in All Areas of Care

A patient survey can be used for much more than just determining if your patients are satisfied. Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Surveys can help you check in with patients between visits using a simple survey delivered at critical points in their care, from managing a chronic condition to that crucial period after a hospital discharge.

Medication Adherence

Are patients sticking to their treatment plans? Medication adherence surveys provide data to help you keep patients on track with their prescriptions. Learn More>

Gaps in Care

Discovering why individuals have gaps in care will help you gain the insight you need to plan next steps, whether that’s additional educational outreach, provider intervention, etc. Learn More>

Health Risk Assessments

Assess an individual’s health status and identify risk factors to set the stage for ongoing quality of care. Intrado’s TeleVox solutions expand your outreach capabilities in HRA efforts to gather the information you need. Learn More>

Patient Satisfaction

With today’s healthcare reimbursements based on patient experience scores, the patient satisfaction survey has taken on its most important role yet. Elevate participation rates and get real-time feedback through automated survey delivery and execution. Learn More>


Do patients know their responsibilities after a hospital stay? Are there additional opportunities to provide help as they self-manage? Post-Discharge surveys help you find out. Learn More>

Remote Monitoring

To be effective, healthcare can’t just be delivered during face-to-face interactions. Extend your reach beyond the clinical setting with remote monitoring surveys or check-ins. Use them to get feedback, monitor patients at home and receive real-time updates about patients’ health. Learn More >

Why Choose Intrado’s Televox Patient Surveys?

Customizable and Targeted

Get the feedback you want and need to make important decisions about improving the patient experience, care interventions and more. Choose from multiple answer formats and customizable survey branches that let you collect more detailed and targeted feedback with surveys that adjust based on participants’ answers. The customization doesn’t stop there. Identify specific patient segments you want to target with different surveys to make sure you’re getting the data you need from the right patients.

Automated or Ad Hoc

Make the most of staff time by taking advantage of Intrado’s ability to automatically send patient surveys when the time is right, whether that’s related to a recent appointment, a pre-set regular cadence or any other factor. Have an unanticipated or urgent need for patient feedback? You can also quickly create and send ad hoc surveys as needed.

Actionable Analytics and Instant Follow-Up

Dive into your data, easily interpret results and identify next steps with detailed survey results and ad hoc reporting. See any responses that require immediate attention or clarification? Proactively reaching out to patients for individual follow-up improves patient satisfaction and can lead to better health outcomes.

How Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Surveys Work

Our three-phase approach to patient surveys maximizes participation. The process includes:

  • Planning – Use Intrado’s TeleVox solutions to develop a blend of phone calls, emails and text messages that compel people to connect and complete their surveys.
  • Delivery – TeleVox takes over from there, using your uploaded contact data and custom messaging to deliver survey notifications to each patient.
  • Action – After notifications are delivered, Intrado provides summary and detailed reports of each attempted notification. Reports can be used by staff to personally target anyone still in need of an additional outreach.
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