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Posted on July 28, 2014 by West Corporation 


Patient Preference for Text Drives Engagement for Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Medical Center is one of the newest TeleVox clients to adopt text messaging as part of its patient communication strategy, and they recently shared some outstanding results.

Patients are now able to choose between receiving a text message or a phone call to remind them of their next appointment, and because of this opportunity to select a preference, response rates for both methods are very high. Before offering this option, all patients received a phone call regardless of what they preferred, and these calls generated a response approximately 30% of the time – confirming the appointment, transferring to staff to reschedule, etc. Now that the patients who would prefer a text have moved over to that communication method, those who are left receiving calls are responding at a 23% higher rate!

Free Infographic: Texting Patients

Text messaging has experienced an even better response rate, with 55% of those messages generating a response from the patient.

Click HERE to read the full story of how the creation of multichannel communication options has improved service to patients and increased their access to care.

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