Patient Engagement Just
Got a Whole Lot Easier

Patient Engagement Just
Got a Whole Lot Easier

All the Patient Engagement Tools You Need

Are you ready to reduce no-shows, increase patient engagement and satisfaction, drive revenue and grow your business? Intrado’s TeleVox solutions deliver a unique set of technologies and services to healthcare organizations to solve complex patient engagement and communication challenges by offering the functionality that matters most to your practice and your patients. Our automated notifications are designed to produce high engagement rates, empowering providers to deliver an optimal patient experience. With a complete suite of features, providers are able to maximize the effectiveness of outbound communications, without sacrificing efficiency or quality.

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Keep a Full Schedule With Appointment Reminders

Multichannel delivery (a combination of phone calls, text messages and emails) ensures outreach success and improves patient response, while our automated and proactive no-show reduction and recall solutions help fill schedules. Learn More>

Communicate Beyond Appointments

Our proactive solutions offer unmatched flexibility for all your patient communication needs. From preventive care reminders to help with patient payments to follow-up care instructions, utilize our automated notifications to quickly and effortlessly contact patients with scheduled or on-demand communications. Learn More>

Capture Valuable Insights And Improve The Patient Experience With Surveys

Patient surveys provide valuable feedback and insights into patient satisfaction, as well as medical treatment management. Automated patient surveys quickly and cost-effectively gather essential feedback at all stages of the patient lifecycle, generating greater response rates than paper surveys and other manual methods. Capture the data you need to make the best decisions for your organization. Learn More>

Gain Insight With Detailed Reporting

Get real-time analytics that provide a multitude of ways to view, analyze and manage information to help you better assess patient engagement and the effectiveness of your patient outreach campaigns. Full visibility into patient-specific and campaign-level notification results provides data to help staff update patient records, fill open appointment times and more. Learn More>

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